Intern Pursuit is old school sci-fi tower defense game about two interns that come to Pivot Business Consulting (the most awesome place to intern.  Travel with them and battle aliens throughout the galaxy.

Welcome to the Office

Our story begins by following the player (Breezy or Delvon) on their first day of their internship at Pivot Business Consulting. While waiting for orientation, they see a vision of an ethereal being, the Shaman, who starts them on a quest for knowledge. During the tour of their new workspace, a portal suddenly opens and they find themselves on another planet.

Game Features

Intern Pursuit is a Third-person Tower Defense Game, with personal weapons and turrets to defend your objective. The goal is to discover the secrets of the universe and save earth, one battlefield at a time. Players will be able to complete challenges, earn awards, and see how they stack up against other players.

To confound their bewilderment, a robot from the future (Awesomo) warns them that danger is coming, and aliens promptly arrive to take back the Space Runes from the intruders. The interns use their new powers to defeat the alien forces. After the skirmish, the interns finds themselves back at Pivot Headquarters (The Hub) disoriented and confused.  They discover Space Runes on an ancient site that gives them superpowers.

The Story Continues