Breezy is assigned to Pivot's marketing department.  She is one of our top content writing and doing political research along with writing blog articles. Little does she know that there is a lot in store for her during her internship.

Teddy Beamer

Ted is a new employee at BMDM in charge of operations and tech issues. Ted previously served in the Marine Corps and had top-secret clearance in the intelligence data.

- Strength: Collecting Data

- Weakness: Runaway

- Rank: Ensign


Anatoli is a new employee at BMDM. He loves to helps Roly-Poly to upgrade weapons and suit to help heroes to defeat aliens to save the planet. Anatoli and Teddy got good along with friends.

- Strength: 

- Weakness: 

- Rank:


Esper is an employee at BMDM as a computer specialist.  previously served in the Air Force and had talent in computer and high intelligence strategist.

- Strength: Support team

- Weakness: Uncooperate

- Rank: Unknown