Defend the Solar System

The Solar System is under attack from alien invaders and it's your goal to protect the planets they have taken over.


The Red Planet

The aliens are invading the red planet and must be stopped. This is the first level of the game where the aliens follow a long snaking path carved into the terrain. As long as you place your turrets throughout the whole path you should have no problem with this level.


The Frozen Planet

The aliens have set up their mining base on the frozen planet and must be stopped. This level is later in the game than Mars and is therefore more difficult. The key to this level is to build many turrets at the start, but also have some at the end for the few aliens that sneak through.


The Hub For Pivotopians

Pivot Business Consulting is the voted as the best place to work five years in a row. The people that work here are nicknamed as Pivotopians. They work hard and play hard here at the Hub.  When you enter the game you walk into our headquarters and feel the energy in the air.  People are buzzing and moving work at super fast speeds. The newbie interns were toured the office and told to stay not to enter the the Fiber room.  Rumors has it there is a something suspicious,  going on in that room.