Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game

Intern Pursuit's Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game is available for PC systems staring four interns on their quest to defeat alien invaders.

Explore Vast Worlds

Discover Your Origin

Our story begins by following an Intern and their companions on their first day of their internship at the Intern Pursuit Office. While waiting for orientation, a robot from the deep past (Awesomo) warns them that danger is coming, and plays a message from an ethereal alien being, the Maka Ula, who starts them on a quest for knowledge. During the tour of their new workspace, a portal suddenly opens, and they find themselves transported to another planet.

They discover Space Runes on an ancient site that gives them superpowers.

To confound their bewilderment aliens promptly arrive to take back the Space Runes from the intruders. The interns use their new SuperPowers to defeat the alien forces. After the skirmish, the interns find themselves back at the Intern Pursuit office, disoriented and confused.  Join them as they visit all the worlds (or moons) in the solar system.